Who we are

A Brazilian Public Safety Blog

What we do

  • We follow the debate on public safety around the world
  • We promote integration between researchers and security professionals
  • We support community safety projects
  • We support police health promotion projects

Who is it for?

Our goal is to bring more information on the subject.
Certain people when they know more can perform better in their professions.
Better informed people can organize to collect their rights.
When we say that we want to inform and unite people, what people are we thinking about?

  • Police and other public safety professionals
  • Researchers and academics
  • Opinion makers
  • Public managers

What you will find on our Blog

Conjuncture – We bring to you what is happening in public safety systems around the world.

Dossier – Thematic Research: Know everything you need about a particular subject.

Opinion – Find out what experts on the topic think. Join you too, becoming one of our contributors.